We look forward to seeing you virtually this summer, via Zoom!

June 28 – July 9

Killington Music Festival, for nearly 4 decades, has fostered a healthy, safe and vibrant education and performance community of artists.

KMF is offering 2 weeks of inspiring virtual Master Sessions, providing opportunities for all music lovers to attend from around the world. The sessions are designed to invigorate, inspire and enhance the quality of music in each of the participants’ lives, carefully crafted with the Modern-Day Musician in mind. The Master Sessions will strengthen understanding and skills that are relevant, competitive and adaptable in the 21st century.

For Who? KMF Master Sessions are intended for EVERYONE, from music lovers to students to professionals!

As a Master Session participant, you will experience:

  • Daily seminars on topics related to broadening the scope and mindset of the Modern-Day Musician
  • Interactive studio classes to enhance performance skill sets
  • Two private lessons per week; designed for any age and any level – everyone is welcome to learn!

Master Session lecture topics include:

  • The Mindful & Awakened Artist; an interactive wellness series to start off the day with a physically and mentally healthy attitude
  • Hidden Secrets; between composer’s inspiration and theory
  • Listening Between the Lines; music skills that are transferable to everyday life
  • Who Am I and Why Does my Business Look Like Me; the invisible line that divides the person from the artist
  • Traditional Masterclasses; with artists who will share musical anecdotes, explain how they made their art work, and work with instrumentalists for valuable feedback
  • Recording Crash Course 101; a supercharged head-start in creating (and editing) your recordings
  • Faculty Forum; ask your questions to KMF’s stellar faculty for instant feedback
  • The Stage, and What’s Under the Hood; an artist’s life backstage, what the public doesn’t see, and how artists handle the shadows side of the curtain
  • Dashes, Dots, and Lines, Oh My! what do the markings in a score mean to you and me, and whose opinion prevails

These daily sessions will progress the Modern-Day Musician and inspire future music innovators to be creative and adaptable in the new world.


You Pick All + Lessons: Master Sessions + Lessons + Studio Classes: $800

You Pick All: Master Sessions: $650

You Pick 5: Master Sessions: $450

All 2 weeks will be held virtually via Zoom


Full Program: June 28-July 9, 2021 (Monday-Friday)
Lessons & Studio Classes are scheduled directly with faculty.
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June 1, 2021
Non-refundable Application Fee  $55