• The Killington Music Festival has an incredible ability to affect inspiration and subsequent change not only in the musical aspects of a student's life, but also in professional and personal capacities. Over five brief weeks spend at the festival last summer, the KMF faculty challenged me to grow musically, professionally, and personally in measures unmatched by any other single experience of my life. Truly, it is no stretch of the truth to say that the Killington Music Festival inspires life-changing improvement and insight in every way."

    OLIVIA GRACE HAY – Student
  • "KMF has been a wonderful learning experience for me. The passionate and nurturing faculty have ensured that every student comes away from KMF feeling inspired and encouraged."



Masterclasses & Guest Artists

Glenn DicterowKaren DreyfusVirgil Boutellis-TaftSimon Ghraichy



Featured KMF Performance

Since we cannot come together and create Music in the Mountains, during these unprecedented times, please enjoy our performances online!